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Post  Pungen on Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:50 pm

Welcome to the guild Monkeybrothers guildforum!

Before you see any content in this forum you must be member in guild and also been approved at forum.

Use same name here as you have in game. or else you will risk to be banned.

Also if you not in guild already and are here to apply to guild?
Then next thread answer all question and if need of help pm these leaders.

Pungen - Leader and Founder of guild send PM

Livsbringaren - Vice leader send PM

Wyrmer - Vice leader

Herza - Vice Leader send PM

Trixygirl - Vice leader

Zermo - Leader & Forum admin. send PM

Slyhnan - Leader & Forum admin. send PM

Avaldon - Leader & Forum admin. send PM

Many regards from Leaders in Monkeybrothers.

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